Vendredi 18 juin 2010

Popular As MBT Shoes

The so-called MBT Sandals Refers to the toe to the top with a fish head shaped hollow, just one or two toes are exposed design, also known as open-toed shoes. Sex goddess Marilyn Monroe's skirt flying is wearing MBT shoes of this style of white. South Korea has a deep color trend of open-toed shoes is the fish head is one of this year's hot shoe, vaguely revealed a 32 toes, cute and sexy, but also achievements in the autumn of your retro style!

Winter ankle boots sandals deformation must also the hottest summer shoes this year. But the key is that ankle doing the lower the better, you can pull legs. In the latest shoes and the package into the orange, purple, lavender, turquoise and sky blue. Men MBT M.Walk Shoes In addition, we will see the python skin and denim, and canvas combination of printing, washing and bleaching element of gift to retro charm. Canvas, cork, and python leather to the shoe to create comfortable, unique and enchanting the safari style to wear it every person has a kind of go in the summer T-Taiwan feeling!

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MBT sandals are the hottest shoes

Echoes of different spring and summer fashion styles, MBT sandals, black with a change in the most eye-catching look of woven leather around the ankle with the heavy-bottomed design, outlines the most sexy women legs curve. From D & G, Gucci, Just Cavalli, Men MBT Lami Shoes Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Gianfranco Ferre and other brands, whether it is retro, avant-garde or vacation style, heavy-bottomed high heels shoes are the most competent choice: Even the always low-key elegant Bottega Veneta, in the spring and summer are also a lot of use of MBT sandals to add eye-catching for the whole family honor.

Whether at a formal occasion, or leisure time, different styles Men MBT Chapa Shoes Can make you tall and slender. Solid wood or synthetic resin platform shoes with elongated legs, the magic line is absolutely essential to modern single product.
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The prevalence of MBT sandals

MBT shoes Wear lightweight and flexible, but also a very good explosive power, but they are usually only for 12 hours of the campaign; the contrary, the hard bottom shoes, look great without a good explosive power, but it can effectively protect the feet, to go one day will not limp.

MBT sandals are at stake overall style, in the fall and winter seasons, gorgeous 80's return to the stage, rivets, tassels and other popular rock style, star-like light shining full, so that you gift to charm. However, the contours can not be elegant peep, membership by gentle earth colors to create unique quality of urban women, in addition to create a pink heart shaped sweet and stylish girls, retro romantic exotic shoes and bags, or wild and sexy bags of leather and the design, in any case with all the autumn and winter bring a more exciting profile.

The so-called Men MBT Sport Shoes Refers to the toe to the top with a fish head shaped hollow, just one or two toes are exposed design, also known as open-toed shoes. Sex goddess Marilyn Monroe's skirt flying is wearing MBT shoes of this style of white. South Korea has a deep color trend of open-toed shoes is the fish head is one of this year's hot shoe, vaguely revealed a 32 toes, cute and sexy, but also achievements in the autumn of your retro style!
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Lundi 14 juin 2010

Outdoor emergency response and prevention of foot injuries

Outdoor enthusiasts have experienced deep rookie period, the primary walking, hiking, players, hurt by a number of small outdoor experience is necessary stage of foot trouble which is the most common.

Treatment and prevention of foot blisters

I am afraid that your feet blistersOutdoorsThe most common situation was. New shoes run-in period, long distance, and this will lead to blisters on his feet. If your feet in the sparkling outdoor encountered trouble, and no conditions for long enough to break you, then to blister with a clean sharp object punctured, the blisters in the water squeezed out, and pasted the Band-Aid can be. Must be endured painful squeeze the water clean, or else the next day will be very painful. Suggest that you walk in a long time before we must have full and outdoor running shoes, and this is not running Wearing Outdoor stroll in the city, but at least we can climb a few mountains. Also coupled with the appropriate outdoor shoes insoles also very effective manner.

In fact, the factors leading to blistering feet, running shoes, whether new or long-distance trek on, principles are the same: a long walk to the foot to increase the heat, feet, face the outside world, whether the invasion of water or from shoes, feet sweat inside these wet feet will cause the skin soft, and then after a certain degree of friction, the foot leather formation of blisters under the water will continue to walk the pain, and this process is in the open shoes, place a small space. Thus, the performance of outdoor shoes will directly affect the security of your feet, if your outdoor shoes outside a block of water to enter, and make feet sweat quickly discharged, you can largely prevent the foot from bubble. 

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Select only the most comfortable outdoor shoes

Outdoor shoes are top priority in all outdoorEquipmentALICE to sans the baby. A Thousand Miles Begins with One Step, a pair of comfortable outdoor shoes are the MOST important outdoor equipment. Often Experienced travelers choose shoes gravement very harsh. Poor choice of shoes, Easily Lead to-many unexpected Problems, Also make the journey purpose Greatly Reduced, It Is indisputable fact year. FiveFingers KSO Mens Howeve, in outdoor activities, What kind of shoes for IS MOST comfortable? Of course, Everyone Has a different definition of standards, Xiao Bian based only on Their years of outdoor experience and understanding of Some old donkey comfortable outdoor shoes recommended 10 sections, hoping Reasons to be a reference for everyone.

Vibram rubber compound with very different Many, EACH LUKAS compound is Different to Each One Sole Purpose and Needs of the well-Deployed, so Will Be Presented EACH shoe has different physical properties, SUCH as: flexibility, density, hardness, skid resistance, abrasion resistance ... and so on. Discount Vibram FiveFingers Each compound LUKAS IS to the Needs of different products (Such as: casual, comfort, sport), and to Ensure the best functional performance.

Vibram rubber include natural rubber Used and synthetic rubber, Because THEY Have different properties, natural rubber from rubber trees IS Collected come with very good Flexibility. The synthetic rubber Mainly from oil, more wear-resistant and durable. Vibram demand for different products to the natural LUKAS rubber and synthetic rubber mixed, so the soles That Can Be Produced MOST correct quality and performance.
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Dimanche 13 juin 2010

Tips of wearing high-heels 2

1. feet interactive taken the time, not necessarily a straight line, as long as the foot can move forward naturally. Both hands were hanging relaxed, natural swing, it seems a very generous.

2. upper body exercise and pay attention when the pace of the rebound is not maintained in the legs in the middle. Can mirror, reflecting the French window, or your friends to help look, so the body can effectively examine whether forward or backward in the wrong position.

3.Beginners, the first week of practice when wearing high heels every day practicing 20-30 minutes. To the second week, but tiptoed barefoot (fantasy is wearing high heels to go), take the law principles remain unchanged. This third week of high-heeled shoes to walk you will find how easy so easy, you can immediately take to the streets when the high-heeled shoes wizard, stunning all of his best buddies best friend!

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